Promote the Program!

It's easy to get a program started, the hard part is keeping everyone engaged! Be sure to follow these tips to help keep your program alive and active.


  • Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to keep your team on track with exercising and fitness. Verbal recognition or a reward such as a sticker or stamp could be the motivation needed to keep them moving.
  • Throw down a challenge and create some friendly competition.
  • Get parents and caregivers on board so the kids are supported and motivated at home as well as at school.
  • Incorporate a health tip with their activity for more learning and fun. For example, every time kids pass you on the track they have to shout out a green vegetable.
  • Share the total class miles completed together - they will cover a lot of miles!
  • Share "on the spot" recognition at every walk, run, or activity. Examples might include:
  • Group cheers/shout-outs before and after activities
  • High fives and verbal congratulations on activity effort


  • A public display of certificates or accomplishments
  • Recognition of the group by other staff and leaders at the school or organization
  • Recognition on televised morning announcements
  • Announcements on PA system of class or individual accomplishments
  • Get an organization leader to join the group for a run
  • Feature the program in the school/organization newsletter