Activity Tracker

Welcome to the Kohl’s Fit Tracker!

The Tracker is an easy way to track physical activity through miles, minutes or steps.

Tips to keep it going

Using the Tracker is easy & fun!

Step 1:

If you are school or other organization click here to sign up.

If you are a family, individual or anyone else, fill in the New User Sign Up form on the right and create a username and password.

Step 2:

Once you click Register, you will receive a confirmation to the email you provided. Follow the link in the confirmation to sign in.

Step 3:

Once signed in, create a team or teams for your fit club. Some suggestions for creating teams are to use meeting days, grade levels, etc.

Create a goal for your team. The goal may be set in miles, minutes or steps. You may also establish check points to celebrate when you have reached certain points of your goal.

Step 4:

Add your participants! We require a permission slip for each participant. Download the Kohl’s Fit permission slip here.

Step 5:

Once participants are added, you may begin to add activity and track participant progress. Each participant is assigned a unique ID number.

Participants may use that number to check on their individual and team progress. Simply go to the “Tracker Sign In” box and, instead, click on the runner to enter their ID.

Step 6:

Have fun and celebrate your achievements! For ways to help motivate and keep the program exciting, click Keep It Going!

Tips to keep it going

New User Sign Up

If you are school or other organization click here to sign up.