Success Stories

After 10 years of great partnerships and working with so many great teachers and kids - we have some wonderful success stories we wanted to share. 

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale- Pauite Branch

Written by a staff member at Pauite Boys and Girls Club

"One of our members inspired me during the time of the Kohl’s FIT program. His name is Exal, and he is in 4th grade. Every single week, this member would come out and run his laps, but he didn’t do it just for the prizes. He was a different member who showed his resiliency to keep running and showed his true dedication to getting fit and to the program, as well. There was even one time that he got injured by tripping and falling on all four limbs, but he got up and still continued to run. With sweat dripping and the sign of tiredness upon him, he didn’t quit up until we had him go and rest for a bit and get cleaned up. He was inspirational because he stayed loyal and dedicated himself to the program every single week. As member who loves to get active and get healthy, he really showed how he can inspire other members to get fit and enjoy the outdoors, while being at the Boys & Girls Club." 

The Aguirre Family

As a family, we like to stay active and healthy.

We have a family membership at the Phoenix BJJ and MMA Academy in Goodyear, AZ. My husband and three of our children train up to five days per week at kickboxing and/or Brazilian jiu jitsu. They competed in tournaments in AZ and CA and have received many awards such as medals and swords. The benefits have been discipline, strength, self-confidence, and the added encouragement of their participation in school and service to the community. 

In addition to martial arts, our kids spend many house outdoors bike riding, playing football, basketball, roller-blading and running around. The Kohl's Fit Kids program has helped the kids to be more mindful of the time spent being active. They want to exercise so they can write it down and get credit toward the program. It also helps them pick healthier food options when packing their school lunches. This program have proven to be beneficial and fun.

Thanks Kohl's Fit Kids!

Aguirre Family

Buckeye, AZ

12-k's of Christmas

On Saturday, December 12, 2015, nearly 30 members of Power Ranch's Running Club met at Freestone Park to participate in the 1.2k run. The students were decked out in their running club shirt and Christmas attire. This run gave our students the opportunity to meet out in the community and participate in a fun event with others. There were smiles all around as the students ran with their friends and family members. It was such a great opportunity to have students participate in this run. They work hard during the week, concentrating on how many laps they can fit into one session. This event allowed students to put their skills to the test while surrounding themselves in a fun and charitable run.

Kohl's Fit Success Story - Power Ranch