Unplug from your electronic devices

People 6 years of age and older should not have more than 2 hours of screen time
4-5 year olds should not have more than 60 minutes of screen time
Children 3 years of age and younger should not have any screen time

Screen time includes: TV, video games, cell phones, iPad/tablets, movies or computer

The typical home in the United States has the TV on for 6 hours a day!
Too much screen time is linked to an increase in unhealthy weight. 
Screen time can also interfere with being active, school work, friends and family time.
Children are exposed to commercials for unhealthy foods that are specifically aimed at them.
On average a child sees at least 10 ads for junk foods a day. 
It is also important to not eat in front of the TV. It is easy to “mindless eat” and eat more than we need to.

Tips for Unplugging

  • Eat dinner as a family and put all electronic devices away and turn off the TV
  • Talk a walk or do some kind of physical activity
  • Read a book with your children
  • Play a card or board game
  • Start a dance party
  • Cook together