Picky Eaters

It is important to remember that a child’s taste buds change all the time, which is why you should re-offer them foods that they might not have liked before. Some studies show it can take between 8-12 times before they like something new.

Fussy & Picky Eaters

Fussy and picky eaters are a very normal thing for children. It is not something to stress or worry about too much. If you are concerned about your child’s health, it is best to talk with your pediatrician. 

How can you encourage your children to eat healthy foods?

  • It’s important to remember that adults set an example for children. Make sure you are eating healthy foods as well.
  • Let children help in the kitchen and grocery store. This gives them a sense of control and will help them to make their own decisions.
  • Serve the whole family the same healthy foods. Don’t be a short order cook.
  • Give children options of healthy foods. Let them choose between multiple fruits or vegetables
  • Sit down and enjoy meals as a family
  • Talk to your children about why it is important to eat healthy foods

What to do when you are dealing with a fussy eater

  • Don’t force children to finish their plate or sit at the table till they finish their plate
    This encourages over eating. Their bodies naturally tell them when they are full or hungry. 
  • Don’t create a lot of “drama” or agony around trying to get them to eat
    This will become a habit and their relationship with food and eating healthy foods could become a negative one.
  • Don’t get angry and yell at your child when they don’t eat their food.
    They can most likely sense your anxiety and stress surrounding meal time and that often make them more stubborn.
  • Don’t offer desserts or sweets as a reward for eating/finishing food.
    Using sweets as a reward creates a bad habit 
  • Praise and attention are the best reward

Offer children a wide variety of different foods and be creative

  • They are just beginning to explore different tastes, textures, smells and feelings. 
  • Engage them in the shopping and preparing process
  • Let them pick what vegetables/fruits to try 
  • Based on their ages allow them to help in the kitchen preparing the food
  • Make food fun! Let kids play with their food.
  • Have a regular meal time. Try and eat at the same time always, structure helps.
  • Have the whole family sit down with no distractions together at meal time. 

What are some ways that you can get your children to try new foods?

  • Offer them smaller portions of the new foods
  • Offer only one new food at a time
  • Be a good role model, try new things with them
  • Offer new foods at the beginning of the meal, so they aren’t full on other foods.
  • Offer new foods along with foods they already like.