About Kohl's Fit

Kohl's Fit is a comprehensive health and wellness program that targets children and their parents by encouraging active lifestyles and healthy eating through community outreach and education.

Kohls Fit has special programs

These programs are run with partner schools or groups

A list of our partner schools is coming soon

Our Program

Phoenix Children's Hospital takes the Kohl’s Fit program to the community through:

  • Schools /organizations reaching children and families
  • Community outreach events
  • Via the website at kohlsfit.com 
  • Community events and event sponsorship

Kohl’s Fit is made up of three primary program components:

  • Kohl's Fit, Healthy Living- By increasing and encouraging physical activity.
  • Kohl's Fit, Healthy Eating- Focused on nutrition instruction and healthier eating choices.  
  • Community outreach events where there are interactive opportunities to be active and learn about healthy eating

Phoenix Children's & Kohl's

Thanks to Kohl's ongoing financial commitment to Kohl's Fit, we have been able to reach and impact a steadily growing and impressive number of children and their families through interactions at targeted special events, schools and other venues. Last year alone we had close to 4,000 students enrolled in our program across 50 schools in lower-income neighborhoods. Through the program these children and their families completed 165,309 miles. Our programs under the umbrella of Kohl’s Fit last year produced 118,506 contacts of all kinds with these school-aged kids and their families around fun activities for healthy living. Additionally, our website was used by after school care programs, classrooms and families to track physical activity and learn more about their health. The total number of miles logged on the kohlsfit.com website last year totaled 819,038.